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1. The Troubles in Northern Ireland were brought to an end in 1998 with the signing of what document? It is the home country of Mrs. UK Quizmaster so she had better do well on this one. Learn northern ireland with free interactive flashcards. Save. 1014. What is the capital of Northern Ireland (NI)? Eamon De Valera. A better kind of quiz site: no pop-ups, no registration requirements, just high-quality quizzes that you can create and share on your social network. What is the capital of Northern Ireland (NI)? Choose from 500 different sets of northern ireland flashcards on Quizlet. Let's go! Edit. In our Northern Ireland quiz we give you 10 multiple choice questions about this great province of the United Kingdom. Quizzes about Northern Ireland . Results and answers are provided at the end of each quiz. A comprehensive database of more than 17 ireland quizzes online, test your knowledge with ireland quiz questions. This quizz is a way for you to test your knowledge, cultural, historical and geographical, on Northern Ireland. Are you looking for Trivia Questions about Northern Ireland? 2 times. Posted on 14/08/2020 04/08/2020 by UKQM. Northern Ireland quizzes. Catherine of Aragorn. UK: Northern Ireland: District Council Areas - Map Quiz Game: Until 2015, Northern Ireland had 26 districts that were responsible for local government. Edit. A Javascript-enabled browser is required. To support and encourage the literary section of Lycée Jules Verne, take this quizz and do your best to answer the A collection of Northern Ireland quizzes for testing or revising your knowledge of Northern Ireland and the Troubles, 1968-98. Ireland currently has over 6.5 million people, with just under five million living in the Republic of Ireland and everyone else living in the UK dominion of Northern Ireland--and this quiz will cover a bit of the history of how that division came to be. Play this game to review Contemporary History. Here you can find 70,000 quizzes that have been played 140 times. Preview this quiz on Quizizz. You can obtain a … This quiz and worksheet set helps you test your understanding of Northern Ireland. English, History. 3. The Northern Ireland Quiz DRAFT. supports the work of the Press Council of Ireland and the Office of the Press Ombudsman, and our staff operate within the Code of Practice. 10th grade. 10. 1. The Northern Ireland Quiz DRAFT. Welcome to the Northern Ireland quiz page! Quiz topic: How Northern Irish am I Have a look around and see what we're about. History answers. Northern Ireland quiz. About This Quiz & Worksheet. Perhaps unsurprisingly, census data show that the population in counties closest to the Republic of Ireland feels more Irish than British, while those living further away report that they feel more British. Our online ireland trivia quizzes can be adapted to suit your requirements for taking some of the top ireland quizzes. 75% average accuracy. mariette. 4. Each quiz contains 20 multiple-choice questions. 5 months ago. 2. Quizzes are in fashion now more than ever thanks to all of us being couped up inside due to Coronavirus ... (and wider Northern Ireland). How well do you know Northern Ireland and the Titanic? You will be asked about the history of this area and its political status.

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