Removals, porterage and transport

Relying on a specialized company entails higher costs, but guarantees a good number of advantages. Among these, professionalism: entrusting furniture and fragile objects to a stranger can be frightening, yet leaving all critical steps to a company insured against any damage or unforeseen is a great way to rest assured. In addition, a seasoned professional will be able to provide for bureaucratic procedures, which can prove more tortuous than expected. Relying on a company means reducing time and stress: often, in fact, it is not enough to have a van and a lot of good will, because it is also important to know how to pack correctly the objects, have boxes and padding of the right size and so on. Finally, relying on real professionals will lower the risk of incurring unexpected and damage. Companies have equipped vans and lifting platforms and the staff can disassemble and reassemble the furniture quickly and efficiently.

The cost of a move is related to several factors, including the distance to be covered, the amount of furniture to be transferred, any difficulties in assembly and disassembly of the same. Those who have to move within the same city will spend little, while for an international move you can reach considerable figures, more than 10 thousand euros. Those who have to move to a metropolis or historic center, will have to obtain the necessary permits (if you need to park the truck on the street for more than six hours, the company is required to apply for a permit for temporary occupation of public land, the cost of which is determined by the municipality in question). As mentioned above, the quantity of furniture affects a lot the amount of work, but also the type of van to be used. Anyone who has to move heavy goods, precious objects or musical instruments must pay higher costs. Another variable that can raise the final price is the difficulty of assembly and disassembly: the longer it takes to complete these operations, the higher the costs are likely to increase.

The Cooperative Piazza Ciardi is located at number 5, Via Sandro Pertini, in Sesto Fiorentino, in the province of Florence. The company is specialized in a wide range of services, such as removals, medium and long distance transport, porterage, loading and unloading of goods, guarded storage, industrial removals, transport for third parties. The cooperative employs experienced and qualified staff, able to provide for any operation and to meet any external needs of the customer. The company uses different packaging materials for each product category, in a manner compatible with the indications offered by the regulations in force. In addition, it clears homes, garages and cellars, filing operations, handling of goods on the road and all the activities necessary from time to time, including bureaucratic activities. The Cooperative Piazza Ciardi has a large fleet of vehicles and all the labor necessary to complete any intervention in the shortest time possible. Anyone interested in the services described, is invited to contact the company at the number indicated below.

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