How to paint hollow core doors

In this article we will give you some useful tips for painting hollow core doors well. Find out which material you need and which are the operational phases.

Hollow core doors are the most common on the market. The name derives from the structure called “hollow core” which represents the frame that frames the structure of the door. Inside, on the other hand, there is a honeycomb structure that gives the door lightness and flexibility. The whole is enclosed by panels in wood or laminate. Discover in this article all you need to know about it and how to renew hollow core doors by painting them.

Advantages of hollow core doors

It is widely believed that the hollow core door, being an empty door, does not have the same qualities as a solid wood door also known as a “full door”. In fact, if you analyze the main characteristics that all doors must have, such as durability and stability, there are no clear differences between the two types of doors. The advantages of hollow core doors are:

  • Lightness: hollow core doors are lighter than solid wood doors. This feature ensures greater functionality in the long run.
  • Resistance: The impact and scratch resistance is the same as that of solid wood doors.
  • Stability: Over time, the hollow core door absorbs less moisture and deforms less than a solid door due to its structure.

Painting hollow core doors: material required

Often the doors of the house suffer the passage of time and it can therefore happen that the color is no longer what it once was. If you want to rejuvenate or simply give a touch of color to our

we can think of repainting the hollow core interior doors. To do this, you need to get everything you need to protect clothing and floor from paint, and of course the necessary equipment. The tools you need to get started are:

  • Plastic gloves
  • Plastic sheeting or old floor sheets
  • Two trestles
  • Paper Scotch
  • Special paint for interior doors
  • Transparent acrylic finish for longer life of the new colour

These are the basic tools to be considered. It is possible that, depending on the type of material of which the hollow core door is composed, more specific products may be needed depending on the quality of the wooden cladding.

Painting hollow core doors: operational steps

The first step is to remove the door from the hinges and place it horizontally on a flat surface, preferably on trestles. If you do not want to disassemble it, you can protect the hinges and frame with paper tape and only remove the handle to avoid dirtying it with paint. Before purchasing the necessary for painting, it is advisable to check the type of wood of which the door is composed so as not to ruin it with unsuitable products. After having painted the door, it is necessary to wait for the time necessary to let it dry before reassembling it.


Remember that painting the interior doors is convenient only if they are made with quality handcrafted material or, when they have frames with a frame so deep that think about the

the construction of new, custom-made doors would be too expensive. In any case, painting the internal hollow core doors is not always easy, as sometimes the door requires preventive treatments to the painting. For this reason, we recommend that you try this operation only if you feel safe. If you have any doubts, it is better to rely on a professional in the sector who can guarantee you the desired result.

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