How to choose a removal company while reducing costs

Are you moving to a new neighborhood or a new city? Here are some tips on how to select your moving company and save money on your quote.

Everyone gets to move sooner or later. You move to work, because the rent is too high or because a bigger house awaits you. Whatever the reason, the move is a great source of stress and a cost not to be underestimated. If you choose a good moving company, you can rest assured that your items will arrive at your new home in perfect condition. Let’s see how you should choose a good one and get a good night’s sleep.

How to choose a removal company?

Play in advance. If you move in time, you will have the opportunity to ask for different estimates, set the dates of the inspections. During an inspection you will meet a technician who will give you an idea of your needs and the volume of furniture and objects you need to transport. He will show you how he works and give you all the useful information you need as well as some advice. It will then send you a quote based on what you have agreed.

The advice is not to stop at the first company, but to hear from someone else. Comparing quotes is useful so you don’t just stop at the price. Often the instinct is to choose the company with the lowest price. The point is to evaluate the service offered and see what is included and what is not. An example of the service offered is the type of transport provided or the type of packaging. The bureaucratic part could be excluded from the price indicated, as well as the rental of road signs for the day of the move. Check that everything is included.

How do I know if the removal company is reliable?

Moving is not easy, so it is always better to rely on specialized companies to avoid the do-it-yourself move. The most serious relocation companies offer these services:

  • Vehicles with suitable suspensions for the transport of delicate materials
  • qualified and regularly recruited staff
  • on-site assistance if you move abroad
  • quality packaging
  • warehouse for storage of goods if you can not immediately enter the new house
  • permits and authorisations both for Italy and for a possible international move

They’ll have to have permissions. Here they are:

  • registration in the register of road hauliers
  • registration with the Chamber of Commerce
  • the VAT number

The contract must be clear and transparent. During the inspection, ask some questions based on the contract drawn up by the Italian Chamber of Commerce. It aims to protect the rights of companies and customers. Understands these items:

  • the phases of the move
  • the inspection
  • the quotation of expenses item by item
  • the preparation of furniture and personal effects
  • the arrangements for moving from the old house to the new one
  • customs export operations, where necessary
  • the eventual stop in a warehouse and the subsequent delivery

How much does a move cost

Now you know how to value a good moving company. But how do you choose the one that suits you and keep costs down? First of all, ask yourself: how much volume do I have to move into my new home? How much time do I have to move in? How far is the new house?

Please note that the cost of a move is not the same for everyone. Here are the variables that determine the cost:

  • the distance between one house and another (in the same city it is unlikely to exceed 1000 euros)
  • the total volumes to be transported
  • easy disassembly and assembly of furniture
  • easy access to housing from the street. A freight elevator to access the upper floors costs on average around 300 euros.
  • permits to occupy public land at the two houses. The cost varies from municipality to municipality.
  • the deposit, if the move must be made in two stages. Monthly costs range from 5 to 15 euros per cubic meter.
  • Let’s see now how to save on the cost of transport.

How to save on the cost of moving

First of all, get rid of the useless things. We know that over time anyone accumulates objects (and often furniture) that are not so useful and take up space. Take advantage of this to make a good rationalization of all the things you have. You will see that the total volume to be transported will be reduced.

A moving company may offer you different prices at different times of the year. Generally, prices rise with the summer holidays or in the months when it is easy for rental contracts to expire.

If you have considered having enough time, take care of the packaging yourself. You’ll save on the final quote for your move. The company can also take care of it. You’ll have significantly less stress, but the cost increases. It’s up to you to choose.

For packaging materials, ask your specialist company. Reusable plastic containers are often made available free of charge. Cardboard boxes, on the other hand, have a cost, they are more resistant than those you could get yourself. If you want to save money, ask supermarkets and shops. You’ll get them at no cost.

To save money, try to synchronize the day you leave the old house with the day you enter the new one. You may never have thought of it, but you may incur additional costs if you leave furniture and other items in storage.

Why would you prefer a moving company to a do-it-yourself company?

Relying on a specialized company has a cost, but has considerable advantages. First of all, the move will be less stressful. You have to be aware that you will still have to pay for the rental of the van, for petrol and for packaging. You’ll have to take days off and leave. Not least there will be the physical stress and fatigue that add to that of the change you are experiencing.

You’ll have a lower risk of damage. Specialized companies have suitable equipment: vans for the transportation of delicate goods, trolleys, lifting platforms. Reliability is also important. You will have at your disposal a company with qualified personnel who are insured against damage to the material transported.

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