How much does it cost to move a kitchen

There are many aspects to consider when moving the kitchen from an old house to a new one: here are some tips and information on costs.

There are many aspects to consider when moving the kitchen from an old house to a new one: here are some tips and information on costs.

When you have to move, one of the most difficult areas of the house to clear is the kitchen. Not only the quantity of furniture to be removed and reassembled, but also the delicacy of these operations, make it necessary to rely on a serious and capable removal company. Before you make your choice, it is always better to ask for a quote for the move of the kitchen, but here is some useful information for you who are preparing to perform this difficult operation.

Kitchen relocation: why rely on a specialised relocation company?

As we said, moving the kitchen is a complicated and delicate operation. Not only because during the disassembly and reassembly phases you have to be careful not to damage any element, but also because, in most cases, the space of the new house where the kitchen will be placed will be different from that of the previous house, so it may be necessary to adapt it with more or less complex interventions.

Before moving: emptying and packing

Before moving on to the delicate operation of disassembly of the kitchen to be transferred, you must remove everything that is contained in cabinets, drawers and wall cabinets:

make a selection of the objects it contains, deciding which are those you want to take with you and which, however, are now unusable and then be thrown away

controls the food. Eliminate those that have expired, carefully seal those that are already open but still good and pack them together with those that are still sealed. You’ll have one less job to do once it’s reassembled! If you’ve decided to bring your own appliances, such as a fridge, oven and built-in dishwasher, clean them thoroughly. As for the fridge, try to keep the minimum necessary and empty it the evening before the day scheduled for the move. The most delicate job, that of disassembling wall units and lockers and disconnecting gas and water pipes and electrical connections, will be the responsibility of the professionals of the removal company. However, if you carry out the operations described above, you will save a lot of money on the final cost of moving your kitchen.

What determines the cost of moving the kitchen?

Before you go and see in detail how much the moving of a kitchen costs, let’s see which are the main items that will affect the final price:

  • cost of the service per hour or day, depending on the pricing methods used by the company
  • number of days foreseen for the execution of the work
  • cost of transport, also in relation to the means and instruments used
  • cost of disassembly and reassembly of furniture (if required)
  • cost of packaging and unpacking of items in the kitchen (if required)
  • the cost of cleaning the premises, if any
  • cost of any work to adapt the kitchen to the new premises
  • cost of materials used to pack the various parts of the kitchen

A rather long list, as you can see. Don’t be afraid, though! Some of these items may never fit into your quote.

How much does it cost to move a kitchen?

The cost of moving a kitchen, usually starts from 250/ 300 euros for the disassembly and reassembly of the kitchen, including insurance, transport of the kitchen and packaging. If the kitchen has to be adapted to the water and gas connections in the new house, the costs may rise by another 200 or 300 euros, depending on how complex the work is. The cost is obviously lower if, on the other hand, the workers only have to connect the kitchen to the water and gas systems without making any adjustments. If the old kitchen is too large for the space in which it will be placed, small adjustments may be necessary, such as the elimination of some elements. In some cases, it may be necessary to cut the top, or to intervene substantially on other wooden elements: all interventions that cannot be carried out on site, and that involve a considerable increase in the cost of moving the kitchen. With a lot of patience and organisation, however, you will have a new kitchen in just a few steps.

We hope that we have helped you to clarify your ideas! Now all you have to do is look for the right moving company to move your kitchen.

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