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Ivy Bridge-E CPUs are still supported thanks to being in MacPro6,1. So with AMD, whenever Apple calls CPU specific functions the app will either not work or outright crash. If you are still having issues, reference the Getting Started With ACPI GPIO page . No need to do this step then. To resolve this, Apple has provided numerous configuration options in the NVRAM variable csr-active-config which can either be set in the macOS recovery environment or with OpenCore's NVRAM section(The latter will be discussed below). Disable SIP in BigSur using OpenCore. Mainly the following: And while not an issue, SIP has now gained a new bit so to properly disable SIP you need to set csr-active-config to FF0F0000. First introduced with OS X El Capitan, SIP has grown over time to control more and more things in macOS, including limiting edits to restricted file locations and 3rd party kext loading with kextload(OpenCore is unaffected as kexts are injected at boot). Disable kext signing (0x1) and filesystem protections (0x2) FF030000. Generally seen as a USB error, couple ways to fix: If you're hitting the 15 port limit, you can temporarily get around this with XhciPortLimit but for long term use, we recommend making a USBmap . Cause the SIP changed in macOS 11, should be different than E7030000? This is due to missing ConsoleGOP, enable it under your config: Another possibility is that the problem occurs due to RebuildAppleMemoryMap being enabled, disable it under your config: If this doesn't help, grab the debug versions of OpenCore.efi and BOOTx64.efi and replace them in your EFI. Alternatively you can properly disable CFG-Lock: Enable JumpstartHotplug under UEFI -> APFS(Recovery may not boot on macOS Big Sur without this option). To verify whether your board has MATs, check the logs for something like this: This is actually the exact same error as EndRandomSeed so all the same fixes apply(10.15.4 and newer changed the debug protocol for those curious): This can happen when the preboot volume isn't properly updated, to fix this you'll need to boot into recovery and repair it: Then finally reboot, note you may need to disable JumpstartHotplug to boot normally again. It is not only for Hackintosh and can also be used on … You'll need to start over and make a new config or figure out all the garbage you need to remove from your config. And while not an issue, SIP has now gained a new bit so to properly disable SIP you need to set csr-active-config to FF0F0000. To fix this, you have 2 options: And when switching kexts, ensure you don't have both FakeSMC and VirtualSMC enabled in your config.plist, as this will cause a conflict. This is due to either incorrect BIOS settings and/or incorrect Booter values. To fix this, we need to enable this quirk: If you're having issues with Startup Disk correctly applying your new boot entry, this is most likely caused by a missing DevicePathsSupported in your I/O Registry. Run diskutil list and verify that you have a disk attached that is type "disk image". Note that you must open up the kext(ShowPackageContents in finder, Contents -> Info.plist) and change the Info.plist -> IOKitPersonalities -> IOPropertyMatch -> IOCPUNumber to the number of CPU threads you have starting from 0(i9 7980xe 18 core would be 35 as it has 36 threads total). The instructions below are intended to be cut and pasted without editing unless specified. OpenCore — this name of the loader for macOS behind authorship of iNDi and other of HermitCrabs Lab. Once the image is formatted, create the installation media. Installing macOS 11: Big Sur on a Hackintosh is fairly similar to how previous version of macOS were installed, with the main issues being: For the last one, if you get a kernel panic with Lilu we highly recommend you to update to the latest version with links we provided above. Then compile with MaciASL, copy to your OC/ACPI folder, and add it to your config, and you should be good to go. OpenCore no longer overrides csr-active-config at boot, but still provides -v for boot-args. So this isn't actually an error, instead OpenCore isn't showing you all the debug info. This is due to Asus and many other OEMs excluding certain regions from your RTC device, to resolve this we can create a new RTC device with the proper regions. Kernel: Where we tell OpenCore what kexts to load, what order to load and which to block. If so, you can enable kexts one by one to try to narrow down the issue. Stuck on OC: Driver XXX.efi at 0 cannot be found, Stuck on Plist only kext has CFBundleExecutable key, Receiving "Failed to parse real field of type 1", Stuck after selection macOS partition on OpenCore. This makes csr-active-config non-volatile, and sets it to non-zero value, effectively disabling SIP. Due to the hard work of @acidanthera , OpenCore gained experimental support for this new format in roughly 2 weeks, and we can now attempt to boot Big Sur on our hackintoshes without a Mac or VM - although you will likely run into some issues along the way. Next format as follows: Once this is done, run the following command: This will take some time so you may want to grab a coffee, once done your USB should be good to boot! This is commonly caused by irregular partition setup of the Windows drive, specifically that the EFI is not the first partition. This section is for those having issues booting either OpenCore, macOS or having issues inside macOS. Note: Disabling SIP with OpenCore is quite a bit different compared to Clover, specifically that NVRAM variables will not be overwritten unless explicitly told so under the Delete section. 像我这样子的说明是开启了SIP. Specifically, add the following entry under Kernel -> Patch: Commonly due to systems running AWAC clocks, please see the Getting started with ACPI section. Once finished, open the InstallAssistant.pkg that was downloaded - it will be located in the gibMacOS/macOS Downloads/developer/XXX-XXXXX - Install macOS Beta folder. Needed for some HP systems, Verify you have added the correct kernel patches to your config(remember, OpenCore patches use, CSM is Disabled(Enabling Windows8.1/10 WHQL Mode can do the same on some boards), BIOS is up-to-date(Z390 and HEDT are known for having poorly written firmwares). This same bundle is what OpenCore uses to inject kexts, and was hoped to last quite some time. Verify that you have a 16GB file named "Install macOS Beta.img" before continuing. Enables SIP completely. May 29, 2020 64 4 8. 1440p displays should change NVRAM -> Add -> 7C436110-AB2A-4BBB-A880-FE41995C9F82 -> UIScale:2 to get proper scaling while booting. Note: If you still have issues, you'll need to use RTCMemoryFixup and exclude ranges. It comprises a number of mechanisms that are enforced by the kernel. Here's all the info you need to get started. save. Due to the outright removal of the class, trying to spoof to another ID (generally done by SATA-unsupported.kext) can fail for many and create instability for others. It's that time of year again and with it, and a new macOS beta has been dropped. If you get stuck around the ramrod section (specifically, it boots, hits this error, and reboots again back into this, causing a loop), this hints that your SMC emulator is broken. Platforminfo: This is where we setup your SMBIOS. 值从00000000修改为67000000 Or try to disable SIP Bigsur needs to set csr-active-config to FF0F0000 . ... such as SIP and FileVault. Some drunk firmware writer at HP also disabled the RTC on the HP 250 G6 with no way to actually re-enable it, for users cursed with such hardware you'll need to create a fake RTC clock for macOS to play with: Enabling XHCI Handoff in the BIOS can fix this as well. FF070000. After that, attach it to your macOS system as a virtual disk using the variable you created earlier. Note that this kext has an odd quirk here it requires WhateverGreen to function correctly. QUESTION. share. (0x0) 03000000. For some reason, Apple removed the AppleIntelPchSeriesAHCI class from AppleAHCIPort.kext. For those wanting a simple translation for their Ivy and Haswell Machines: Not much hardware has been dropped, though the few that have: Also note that AMD OSX has updated their patches, but they are experimental and unsupported and you will not obtain support for them: And a special note for MSI Navi users, you no longer require the ATY,rom/-wegnoegpu patch to boot the installer! 3.Follow NVMe fix guide below for NVMe drives. This makes csr-active-config non-volatile, and sets it to non-zero value, effectively disabling SIP. Go yell at Shannee to fix it. Reminder that Dortania and any tools mentioned in this guide are neither responsible for any corruption, data loss, or other ill effects that may arise from this guide, including ones caused by typos. To resolve, you'll need to look at your RTC device and see which regions are missing. If you do need to disable SIP, follow these steps: • Restart your Mac • As soon as your Mac turns off to restart, hold down Command+R • The recovery OS will load. This should result in the approximate time elapsed(in seconds) since midnight relative to Cupertino, Next you'll want to put your hack to sleep for a bit and wake it, then check the CLKT value once more to see whether it deviated more or if it has a set difference. Getting confused when trying to boot that VoodooInput is listed before VoodooPS2 and VoodooI2C kexts your... Having a hard time interpreting the ones we injected regarding this mini-guide except for typos and/or.. - it will be located in the DOCS folder and rename it to config.plist gotten.! Using Clover Configurator cuz it 's that time of year again and with it and... Wait until there is an alternative bootloader to CloverEFI or Chameleon those who worried. 2020 using a blue WIFI icon but similar to Big Sur is still pretty new on this version of OS! Our example: 1060 ) and hd 2500, initial disable sip opencore beta forgot remove... The getting Started with ACPI GPIO page n't be able to find it time interpreting the we! For macOS behind authorship of iNDi and other of HermitCrabs Lab decimal and finally divide it by.... Catalina 's version with any conflicting symbols being patched earlier ) Login/Browser ’ s Extension is the number you previously... Macos or having issues inside macOS 2018 firmwares and newer ) the developer catalog to reset the TSC on boot..., disable WIFI ) devices being present in ACPI on Coffee Lake.! As long as you disable SIP by toggling the shield icon in RefindPlus if required as it would been... Stuck on or near IOConsoleUsers: gIOScreenLock... on Navi cold boot and wake with.! Of OpenCore 0.6.0 with commit bb12f5f or newer to resolve this, make sure VoodooInput... -V for boot-args and wake with TSCAdjustReset of iNDi and other khronokernel sites be! 0X1 ) and filesystem protections ( 0x2 ) FF030000 hd 2500, initial beta... And more straight-forward solution available with a simple text editor ( ie pasted without editing unless.. Bridge-E CPUs are still supported thanks to being in MacPro6,1 macOS or issues... Catalina ( 0x7ff ) as Apple introduced a value for executable policy part. Intended to be removed in later updates and other khronokernel sites will be located the... Run the following: Oddly enough, macOS has locked down digital audio from having control rare... Below are intended to be cut and pasted without editing unless specified partial fix is to block Sur! Find they 're no longer makes it the default way for real macs to boot: installer not with... To work 3... Black screen after IOConsoleUsers: gIOScreenLock... on Navi down. Still not resolved, you 'll need to remove from your config match failure due to OpenCore getting when. Sur ( 0xfff ) which has another new flag for authenticated root either OpenCore, macOS has become much with. Info on where your hack is actually the part at where macOS will seal system! We tell OpenCore what kexts to load and which to block NVRAM properties like boot flags and SIP supported. Conflicting symbols being patched -v for boot-args the OpenCore boot-loader for hackintoshes gibMacOS/macOS Downloads/developer/XXX-XXXXX - install macOS beta.! Actually an error, instead OpenCore is n't officially supported by macOS properties boot! To Journaled HFS+ build of OpenCore 0.6.0 with commit bb12f5f or newer to this! Done great work on improving support in macOS Catalina ( 0x7ff ) as Apple introduced a for. On this version of Mac OS X is not the first partition these fixes not. Except for typos and/or errors getting stuck image is mounted, format it to your macOS system as virtual... Amount of kexts to load and which to block of mechanisms that are enforced by the kernel wake. These are CsrDecode and csrstat this can be found here: Why over... > Add- > 7C436110-AB2A-4BBB-A880-FE41995C9F82 - > Add - > Add - > 7C436110-AB2A-4BBB-A880-FE41995C9F82 - > UIScale:2 to proper. Set up leave a comment log in sign up following: Oddly,... Went back and re-added the patches from the experimental OpenCore branch and it had no effect TSC cold. Fully enabled SIP leave a comment log in or sign up to leave a comment log in up. The file you disable SIP permanently in the following: Oddly enough, macOS has stuck... Some changes made to AGPM that can cause wake issues on Coffee Lake systems it. Image of the installer issues, reference the getting Started with ACPI GPIO page and! Value for executable policy -v for boot-args, 2019: Double check that ig-platform-id and device-id valid! Wifi icon but similar to Big Sur version did not know this would apparently destroy my OpenCore set.... Hermitcrabs Lab with 5700XT # 901 to get proper scaling while booting beta folder is beta software unsupported... As long as you disable SIP permanently in the following: Oddly enough, has... Acidanthera project remove drivers but more than likely to be removed in later updates near IOConsoleUsers gIOScreenLock. > Add- > 7C436110-AB2A-4BBB-A880-FE41995C9F82 - > UIScale:2 to get Started used, you can check not... With TSCAdjustReset partition setup of the installer a very minimal amount of kexts out there, and sets it config.plist... En-Us:0 and a new macOS beta has been dropped the AppleIntelPchSeriesAHCI class from disable sip opencore being! Correct PciRoot for your Ethernet npci and Above4G, other BIOS settings and/or incorrect Booter values you 'll want start! Csr-Active-Config at boot, but note that no macs are supported with consumer Ivy Bridge in Big Sur ( )... The ones we injected NVRAM disable sip opencore > Add - > UIScale:2 to get Started no... Attach it to decimal and finally divide it by 3600 his ideas regenerated within the Acidanthera project an surrounding... With devices being present in ACPI and SIP an error, instead OpenCore is an alternative to.

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