Furnishing with upholstery

The use of fabrics for interior decoration is a solution that has its roots in a rather distant past. Despite what you might think, this technique is current and contemporary. Although there are modern proposals, in step with the latest trends in furniture, the taste for materials and classic patterns seem not to fear the passage of time. Damask and floral patterns, or the simplest of stripes, remain timeless classics, especially if they have to dress structures such as armchairs, sofas or headboards. To have a padding made or renewed, however, you need to be a qualified professional. The upholsterer is in fact a profession where knowledge and craftsmanship meet to create solutions of impeccable quality. For lovers of classic and sophisticated taste, an object made by an artisan upholsterer is able to embellish a style of furniture where quality and class are the key aesthetic aspects in characterizing the tastes of the owner of the house. Certainly it is a question of enhancing the surrounding furniture, taking into account the palette of colors and materials present.

Even for lovers of modern and informal taste, the upholstery offers eclectic solutions, creating a meeting point between past and future. Moreover, upholstery is first and foremost a tool at the service of furnishing and, even before this, of comfort.

For this reason, functional aspects remain of fundamental importance today, and in modern furnishings, upholstery work aims to satisfy the needs of domestic, professional or recreational environments, but also those that young interior designers love to add to informal and trendy creations. In fact, it is precisely this meeting of skills that characterises the much-loved Empire style armchairs, enlivened by bright colours and bright, vibrant fabrics. With a less conspicuous tone, but with the same young and contemporary mood, are instead those elements of furniture where the upholstery is put at the service of solutions in full shabby chic or Provencal style, through the use of classy fabrics with a colonial look and palettes taken from the colors of nature.

Through many years of experience Luigino Stefani is, in the upholstery sector, the reference point for the entire province of Venice. His professionalism and competence makes it possible to make and produce exclusive, high quality upholstery items in a workmanlike manner. Using only exclusive fabrics, fabrics and leathers, Luigino Stefani offers his services for private or professional furnishing, with new realizations, custom commissions, customizations and interventions on new paddings or on elements where a new work of upholstery is necessary.

To embellish living rooms and formal environments, the exclusive creations of the craftsman Luigino Stefani can represent the added value to a sophisticated and elegant furniture through interventions of upholstery in fabric or leather. The services offered include all the work on armchairs, sofas, seats, poufs, chairs and headboards, as well as those related to the remake and manufacture of new linings for textile beds, large cushions, sofa beds and armchairs with removable covers. Availability and courtesy for free quotes and advice.

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