Easy moving tips for stress-free moving

We’ve compiled a checklist of all the things to do when you start moving in, starting with the month before.

Moving is always a rather difficult time to manage and combine with all the other small, big tasks of everyday life. In this article we will try to give you all the advice and create a list of things to do when it comes to moving house.

Moving: some tips

In case you are in a lease that you want to terminate, it is important to consult the terms of the document to understand how to and withdraw from the lease. The timescales within which a tenant must leave the house, unless otherwise stated, are set out in Article 3, paragraph 6, of Law 431/98. In general, it is possible to terminate the rental contract with official notice to the owner and a notice of at least 6 months.

From this moment on it will be important to understand if it will be necessary to suspend the utilities, or the change of the meters can be made by the real estate agency. And as the moving date approaches, it is time to prepare, in detail, a list of things to do before the day of the move.

Checklist: list of things to do during the move

One month after the move, you need to make all those preparations that take longer and should be done well in advance. For example:

  • Arrange the documents and place them in special containers. There is nothing easier to do during a move than to lose a few pieces of paper between one box and another. Make sure everything is catalogued and sorted, even the old bills.
  • Ask the future administrator for the new condominium regulations in case of an apartment.
  • In this period it is essential to understand if the house where you are will need a closure of the meters or not, and it will be important to take action to send any recommended termination of the contract.
  • If the children have to change school, it is during this period that they must register at the new school, so as to have all the time necessary for the transfer without surprises.
  • Ask for estimates from all the moving agencies in the area, to give you a clearer idea of what could be the costs of moving, which can vary (even a lot) depending on the distance to travel from one house to another, the disassembly of furniture and their quantity as well as the use of any lifting platforms.
  • Two weeks after the move, it might be useful to start organizing the administrative part and, above all, the logistics.
  • It may take longer to cultivate the users than you might imagine, which is why it is important to organize well in advance;
  • Take a work permit for the day of the move. Employees are entitled to a paid period of leave in order to be able to organise their relocation in the best possible way;
  • Organize the freezer and refrigerator, as well as the weekly expense: you must be careful to consume the vast majority of frozen foods, as well as not to do too much shopping of perishable material that will then be transported to the new location;
  • Change the address and post office box, communicating the new data to friends and relatives.
  • Start a thorough cleaning of the apartment, so as to leave it as clean and tidy as possible, so as not to incur in deductions from the old deposit (in case of rented property)

A few days before the move will be necessary:

  • Check the last registration of the meters, so that you can communicate it to the service provider and pay only the amount due;
  • Make copies of the new keys so that you can access the new property in comfort;
  • Strategically place the boxes so that the moving agents can load the trucks so that the heaviest ones can stand underneath, while the fragile load will be the first to be removed.
  • Check the premises of the house you are leaving to check for any damage.
  • When moving, it is important to remember to go to the Registry Office for the change of residence for yourself and your pets. It is also important to be removed from the old country’s electoral rolls to appear in the new country, so that you can vote where you live. Last but not least, it is the change of general practitioner.

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